A Little about Me  

I AM so many things... an Expressive Arts Teacher;  self taught mixed media Artist; Women's Empowerment Coach; Holistic Health Practitioner and Chef; Mom and Wife; and lover of books, traveling, delicious food, and anything creative.

I feel deeply.  I am intense and passionate.  I LoVe to paint BIG! I thrive when I can create with my hands. I cherish the richness of sharing stories in a circle with other women.  I am learning to let go of perfectionism and take risks.  I am bursting at the seams to share the POWER and FREEDOM and JOY you can experience through the Expressive Arts.

It's taken me awhile to arrive at this point....here's a bit of my story.

My love for creativity and art started when I was young.  I remember sitting on my Grandmother's floor drawing pictures with the crayons she kept for me in a blue round tin in her back closet.  I remember spending hours in high school drawing portraits and throwing clay pots on the wheel before school.  And I also remember when I decided I would never be "good enough" as an artist so I abandoned my creative side for more "practical" and widely accepted things .... 2 college degrees in Science, marriage, kids, and trying to be perfect at it all! I was a real modern day Martha Stewart.  Ugh it was too much pressure!


It all went really well until my mid 30's... then I broke down. I had a myriad of unexplainable health problems; constant exhaustion, depression, anxiety, fear of everything and so much bitterness and anger! I was lost, afraid and felt helpless.  I was shriveling up and losing myself in the mundane tasks of life (i.e laundry, grocery shopping, dirty diapers).  I felt like a ticking time bomb and needed something all for myself!  I wanted more!!!! And I knew in my heart something had to change... I was being called to change.


And so I began exploring and learning more about the Healing and Expressive Arts so I could empower myself to heal (emotionally and physically) while rediscovering, reconnecting, and reclaiming the REAL ME and my FULL Creative Self-Expression.  Little did I know that by engaging with my intuition and creativity again that I would open a whole magical world of self-discovery filled with curiosity, compassion, transformation, growth, and loving acceptance for myself. And so much in my life changed because...


I was FREE!!! I felt more alive, joyful, inspired, motivated, confident and courageous in who I really was and what I wanted to share with the world. I began creating obnoxious amounts of art, I painted BIG, I made soul healing dolls, I danced, I drummed, I screamed, I wrote and slowly I began opening myself up to sharing with other women who also felt stuck... trapped...lost...frustrated...angry . And dramatic as it sounds, for once in my life I felt fulfilled!  Really truly deeply satiated and saturated on a soul level.  

I want every middle-aged woman to feel this kind of FREEDOM and satisfaction...to be inspired to express themselves in all of their gorgeous, vibrant, feminine expression by engaging in the playful and powerful energies of the Wild Woman Expressive Arts! I want to create a community of Wild Women who first nurture and nourish themselves and then open their hearts to do the same for others.   I want to share this with YOU ... My heart and the door to my playhouse are open for you to step through and begin your own journey to WILD CREATIVE FREEDOM!  If you are curious to experience the magic yourself please contact me or check out the ways you can express yourself by going to the Deep Play Tab above.

With Love,


Official Credentials:

Wild Hearts Expressive Arts Teacher Training 2018/2019

Women's Medicine Wheel Year Long Training 2011/2012

CNHP Holistic Nutritionist 2007/2008