Welcome to the Playhouse...

I AM Leslie your Creative Catalyst and Guide for your journey into Wild Women Expressive Arts!

Compassion and Curiosity are the Queens in this Playhouse!  And they are here for you to experience your FREEDOM, your JOY, your POWER .... Your FULL EXPRESSION using the expressive and intuitive arts! 

It is a magical portal into your wildest dreams, desires, and passions.  It's a space for deep play, exploration, transformation, healing, connection, sisterhood, and empowerment.  


All parts of you are welcome here (even those unsavory and rejected parts)! Every emotion, every expression, every movement, every sound, every brush stroke ...  has a place and is welcome in the Playhouse.

I believe we all have the power to heal and care for ourselves. I believe we all need a safe place to discover and practice this....and so I have created the Playhouse.

It is a place of inclusion and empowerment and all Womxn are welcome and celebrated!

I PROMISE that you will be...

  • Accepted and loved just as you are

  • Heard and seen with compassionate ears and eyes

  • Encouraged to explore all dimensions and layers of your expression

  • Guided gently and always supported as you uncover and recover parts of yourself

  • Safe to fully express all of emotions, desires, creativity

  • Connected and celebrated with other loving women

  • Nourished inside and out

  • Amazed with the primal, creative, life force that you reclaim!

I PROMISE that here you will never be ...

  • Judged 

  • Critiqued

  • Shamed 

  • Ridiculed

  • Excluded  

There always seems to be some confusion and so I want to clarify and hopefully ease your worry a bit if you are thinking "I would LOVE to create something but I am not an artist and I'm not creative".   No need to worry because the Expressive Arts and Intuitive Painting are NOT about creating a pretty picture to hang on your wall and you need zero art making experience (whew what a relief!).   It's about being present, open, loving, and curious while using the visual arts (i.e. painting, collage), movement, sound, storytelling for self-discovery, healing, and transformation.  And the awesome thing is that every womxn knows how to do this!  You were born with this gift, you may just need a little coaxing to let it out into the world (that's why you have me and tons of art supplies!). You get to play again and explore again and just show up as your authentic self.  How amazing is that!!!


At the Playhouse it's about the process of engaging with your creative muse and learning to trust your intuition.  You already know what you need and want ... and here you will get back in touch with your internal compass and learn to trust it again. You will find what you need to feel nourished, vibrant, alive! All while connecting with other loving women who are seeking the same things.    

Together we will laugh, dance, scream, cry and everything else in between as we embark on this journey together of breaking free from the chains of perfection and people pleasing and return to our wild and untamed state.  We will access our intuition, learn to trust our own wisdom, follow our own rhythm and flow, create BIG and BOLD things, and ask for what we truly want.  

I am thrilled beyond words to embark on this journey with you.  My deepest desire is that you listen to your heart and allow it to lead you into the WILD!

With Love,